iKON Technical FAQs


How to Setup iKON Governor ?

Should I use software controlled tail gain vs. transmitter controlled?

What should I set my tail gain to?

Why does my tail wag, no matter what gain values I set?

I’m getting a “Vertical Sensor Out of Range” error and a warning that Auto Level & Rescue are not available. Is there something wrong with my unit?

My unit is not powering on or being recognized by the software, how do I reset it?

What are the differences between the iKON/iKON2 units?

Do I have to update my firmware?

What kind of RPM sensors work with the iKON2?

I crashed my helicopter; how do I know my iKON2 unit is safe to fly again?

I fly scale helicopters, how do I configure retractable landing gear?

I would like to install the SwitchGlo Pro on the iKON2, but I only have free channel 4.5.6

I would like to be able to activate a buzzer from the transmitter in case the model should fall into a field so I can find it again.

I wish I could activate the night flight lights from the transmitter.

Which iKON2 unit is right for me?

I'm trying to bind Spektrum satellites but I'm having trouble. What am I doing wrong?

Why are the new SPM46XX receivers for Spektrum telemetry recommended over the ARXXXXT telemetry receiver or my old TM1000 module?

I am seeing "Rudder output limit reached" on my Event Log. How can I resolve this issue?

When setting up my model, I applied pitch in the "Transmitter Setup" page but the aileron and elevator are moving as well. What's going on?

I would like to add a power backup system on the iKON2 but there are no available connectors left. What can I do?

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