• New Firmware & Windows, Android, iOS APP’s 3.3.006 release:

    - Software 3.3.006, Firmware 3.3.006 (42°)• Added a workaround fix for the OpenTX Bug that when Fail Safe is set to “No Output”, instead of sending no signal, send -115% signals to all channels and then set fail safe flag. From now on, out of range values so high are discarded• Corrected in OpenTX Integrations “Servo0 angle” displayed value• Corrected in OpenTX Integrations “Blade Number” & “Blade Length” functions when “Flybarred” is selected• Improved timing for H130R & H140R swashplates...

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  • Improvements Release: New Firmware & New Windows, Android, iOS App's 3.2.050

    As usual Software and Firmware notification will be automatic, and system will prompt user to update once powered unit is connected to a Windows PC or Android devices or iOS devices with Internet connection active. But for those with iKON that no longer use the APPs so frequently (because the controller is fine as it was set up), let's know who was interested in the release of the following update:- First version of FrSky Integration and related doc released.- Logs,...

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