New Firmware & Windows, Android, iOS APP’s 3.3.006 release:

Posted on by Angel Rojas
- Software 3.3.006, Firmware 3.3.006 (42°)

• Added a workaround fix for the OpenTX Bug that when Fail Safe is set to “No Output”, instead of sending no signal, send -115% signals to all channels and then set fail safe flag. From now on, out of range values so high are discarded
• Corrected in OpenTX Integrations “Servo0 angle” displayed value
• Corrected in OpenTX Integrations “Blade Number” & “Blade Length” functions when “Flybarred” is selected
• Improved timing for H130R & H140R swashplates movements to eliminate some little interactions
• Introduced a workaround for users with Spektrum DXe or DXi transmitters that works only with DSMX 22ms protocol to connect to two DSMX satellites binded by our flight controller at 11mS
• Added New Event "Throttle output limit reached" to help diagnosis possible governor setup problems
• Added New Event "Reset to Factory defaults"
• Added New Event "Bluetooth Reconfigured"
• Added New Event "Acceleration >= 16g"
• Added under Help menu the Help Online submenu (FAQ, How To, Forum, Blog)
• Added to names of Wizard panels 2 and 3 “(Input)”. Added to names of Wizard panels 6 and 7 “(Output)”
• In the firmware update window, changed the button names from "OK" to "Update now" and from "Cancel" to "Don't Update"
• Updated version of Brain.bin file for Jeti Integration with added management for Aux2, H-4X, Servo0
• Revised French instructions
• Revised labels, instructions and balloons (also some labels / names on integrations)
• Improvements/optimization/compression/size reduction/speed up of the code

Android / iOS app’s:
All the new functions and improvements already listed for this "Software & "Firmware” release
• Updated iOS libraries to be able to work also with new greater than 13.x.x iOS firmware’s for iPads

NOTE: due to Jeti delay in the compilation of the Brain.bin file for Jeti integration, will be available next week (communication will follow when available)

As usual for the Android and especially iOS app publication is needed some more time not dependent from us but from Google and especially Apple.
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